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Goycon is a Melbourne based building company currently focused on new homes and extension projects working with architects and a range of other industry consultants. Goycon is owned and operated by Andrew Goy a Registered Building Practitioner (DBU-25505) Goycon projects exceed industry benchmarks (standards and Tolerances) in build quality as well as the best possible outcomes for environmental impact and energy efficiency.

Use of Natural/Raw

Sustainable Building Materials

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New Homes & Extensions

We can create additional spaces for your family to enjoy, from stunning modern kitchens, to comfortable bedrooms, to exciting indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.


Our designs will complement your home with total consideration for you home’s period, place and culture as well as your budget. We keep your family’s lifestyle in mind.

Passiv Haus

Passive heating and cooling, and rainwater harvesting These considerations will reduce the need for energy consuming heating and cooling appliances. Reducing environmental impact will save you money.

Goycon Builders

quick word from the director

We believe great projects are based on great relationships and communication

Andrew Goy Director


Process Checklist

For example family size and age, lifestyle, and ownership cycle.

Reports and Drawings

Document Checklist

These documents will help you get an accurate idea of what it is you want to achieve, and how much it will cost.

Permits and Approvals

Other Documentations

Required when building outside the council approved building envelope.

Our Project

Goycon believes a great project starts and ends with great relationships

We use standard off-the-shelf materials and fixtures with a moderate approach to structural engineering


Our Clients Say About Us

” I found working with Goycon to be very easy, they were efficient and very knowledgeable of the building Industry”

Why Choose Us

Smart & Effective Environmentally Sensitive Building

Our small team form a productive and personal working relationships. This benefits our clients in many as excellent communication ensures projects are delivered on time, and most importantly, with a consistent level of quality from start to finish.


Domestic Building Insurance

In Victoria, a builder is required to purchase domestic building insurance on your behalf for domestic building works
valued at $16,000 or more.

The claim form is available for download via our website. To lodge a claim you will need to complete the form, attach the
relevant supporting documentation and submit to VMIA.

Domestic building insurance provides cover to the homeowner where the building works is incomplete or defective. Please refer to the attached information sheet ‘What am I covered for’ for an overview and examples for what may be covered.

You may need this document if you need to lodge a claim with us. You will also need to pass on the certificate to any subsequent purchasers of the property. If the information on the certificate does not match your domestic building contract, please contact VMIA immediately.

No. Cover will only be provided under your domestic building insurance policy if your builder has died, disappeared or
become insolvent. If your Certificate of Insurance was issued after the 1 July 2015, it may also provide cover if your
builder has failed to comply with the Tribunal or court order.
For free advice about resolving building disputes, you can contact the building information line or seek the assistance of
Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV). DBDRV is an independent government agency that provides
free services to help resolve domestic building disputes without the cost and time often associated with courts and
tribunals, and has the power to issue dispute resolution orders to resolve disputes.
Find out more about DBDRV at dbdrv.vic.gov.au or call the Building Information Line on 1300 557 559.