Passiv Haus - Outtrim

Situated in South Gippsland, the off-grid house sits on a commercial vineyard so environmental sensitivity was particularly important to our clients.
The solar hot water and electricity coupled with battery storage and rainwater harvesting, means the owners are completely independent of all utilities, while the passiv Haus system virtually eliminates the need to heat or cool the building year round.
The house features 2 bedrooms, a modest bathroom, laundry and kitchen linked by hardwood flooring and hardwood stairs taking you up to the Tatami room. 
Triple glazed, and triple-sealed windows combined with an airtight membrane make the building %100 airtight, to maintain the internal environment, a small heat recovery and ventilation system cleans and dehumidifies the air. 
The building is also extremely well insulated, almost triple the amount of bulk insulation of a regular home. 
With no utility bills whatsoever, the extra investment in energy efficiency is well and truly recovered within the life of the building.